Jia (Jay) Hu


Graduate Student


University of Minnesota, Mechanical Engineering (Current)


University of Minnesota , Biomedical Engineering (2017)


University of Minnesota, Biomedical Engineering (2016)


Jay earned B.S. and M.S. biomedical engineering degrees from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (UMN). In his undergraduate study, he worked at the Medical Device Innovation Center of UMN to develop a pressure sensing interface for paralyzed patients to prevent pressure ulcers. In 2014, he joined Biosensing and Bio-robotic Laboratory of UMN as an undergraduate and graduate researcher. Jay is working on developing low cost desktop fabricated neurotehnologies.



L. Ghanbari, R. E. Carter, M. L. Rynes, J. Dominguez, G. Chen, A. Naik, J. Hu, M. A. K. Sagar, L. Haltom, N. Mossazghi, M. M. Gray, S. L. West, K. W. Eliceiri, T. J. Ebner,  S. B. Kodandaramaiah, Cortex-wide neural interfacing via transparent polymer skulls, BioRxiv 387142

L. Ghanbari*, M. L Rynes*, J. Hu, D. Sousa Schulman, G. W. Johnson, M. Laroque, G. M Shull, S B Kodandaramaiah, Craniobot: A computer numerical controlled robot for cranial microsurgeries, Scientific Reports 2019 *Equal Contribution

G. Shull, J. Hu, J. Buschnyj, H. Koon, J. Abel, S. B. Kodandaramaiah, Shape Memory Alloy Actuatable Woven Neural Probes, ASME 2018 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, San Antonio,  TX 


HOnors and awards

Finalist, Best Student Hardware Competition, ASME SMASIS 2018

2nd Place, Medical Device Competition, Minnovation Challenge 2018